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- Registration at the Viajero Hostel:Participants arrive and check-in at the hotel where the event is being hosted. They receive their registration materials, including event information and any necessary waivers.

- Shirt pickup and bracelets: Participants proceed to a designated area to collect their event shirts and wristbands, which serve as identification for the event.

- Rollerblading throughout South Beach: Once participants are geared up, they embark on a thrilling rollerblading journey along the scenic South Beach promenade. They explore the vibrant streets, soak in the ocean views, and experience the energy of the beachside atmosphere.

- Social events at the hotel: After the rollerblading session, participants return to the hotel for a series of social events. This could include networking opportunities, meet-and-greets with fellow rollerbladers, and engaging activities to foster a sense of community among participants.

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